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 The Perfect Killer Part.3 [The Label]

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PostSubject: The Perfect Killer Part.3 [The Label]   Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:21 pm

Shopkeeper: Yer have good counting kid. here' the wine you wanted. But eh, There is like 1 more bottle left.

You then take the wine bottle and went back to HQ. They then search around the bottle but, no clue.

Police: I dont get it, are you sure its the right bottle?

You: sure it is...check again! Maybe the clue is on the lable!

[puzzle 4, the label]

(you got 5 minutes to find the next victim name on the label!)
Label that ur looking at:

Made from Fresh Apple, import from England

answer: _ _ _ i _

now, you know the next victim. hurry up and run!! you open the house door, but too late! the victim is dead!

Jun then slowly walkes out from the toilet.

Jun: someone put food poisoning in my soup! Aarrggg!

You: did you heard any gun shot or anything?

Jun: no, i heard Marie shouting but i did head her say...'eh eh!!'

Jun then walked back and talk to the police...oh man, ur having a headache...

Neiru: Tea?

You: erm, thank you..

Neiru: I really hope Yuna is alright, i mean, after Kai died, she's really sad. I should't have...erm..make fun of her, and after our dad died, I wont think that Yuna might be next.

You: what makes you so sure?

Neiru: why would the killer want Yuna?

Good point..Neiru has something that we dont know.

[puzzle 5, the 3rd victim]

maria died with no blood no nothing. but theres a smell around her...Apple wine.
what do you wanna do now?

A. go find for the killer and ask him to kill you
B. call a dog and ask it to smell and follow the smell of the wine
C. search her body again
D. date with Neiru!!
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PostSubject: Re: The Perfect Killer Part.3 [The Label]   Sun Dec 30, 2007 3:07 am

well, on murder mystery shows people would usually:

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The Perfect Killer Part.3 [The Label]
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